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5 Reasons You Should Power Wash Your Home

When it comes to power washing, not many people think of it as a regular home maintenance job. That is why we are here to tell you it should be!

There are several factors that are unavoidable that may cause your home to lose its beauty. Things like dirt, rain, sunlight and pollutants take a toll on your home every day and can cause some long-term effects if you don't take care of it. Power washing is the safest and most effective way to take care of all the dirt and grime on your homes exterior. Read below to see how power washing can benefit you:

#1 Your Health

Long term effects of nature and pollutants on your home can start to affect your health. Your home can have a buildup of mold, mildew, algae, and other contaminants that can cause you and your family to get sick or increase your allergies. Not to mention letting algae grow can create a very slippery surface that can be dangerous to walk on.

#2 Prevents Damage

Smaller crevices of your house are more susceptible to dirt, algae, and moisture buildup. Allowing this to stay on the exterior of your house for too long can cause a lot of damage. This can turn into mold which will eat away at the paint and finishes on your house and can even turn into rot and deterioration. Letting this go will cost you thousands of dollars to repair in the long run. The easiest solution is to have it professionally power washed to get rid of unwanted bacteria and dirt.

#3 Curb Appeal

Power washing is the easiest and cheapest way to enhance your homes curb appeal overnight. No matter how much money you spend on landscaping or home décor, an ugly dirty exterior will still over power. Why not take care of your home and restore it to its new home beauty. Power washing your home can make you feel more proud of the home you're in and even better the look of the neighborhood.

#4 Increase Home Value

Are you looking to sell? Power washing can increase your homes value and get it off the market quicker. We all know that houses are judged on the exterior right off the bat, so clean up that exterior and mark up the cost. According to the National Association of Realtors a freshly power washed home can increase your home value by $10,000.

#5 Prime Surfaces

If you are looking to repaint your home or give your porch a stain, you should consider power washing first and foremost. Painting or staining over old dirt, mildew and grime will make your home look even worse. A fresh power wash will make the new paint or stain adhere properly and bring out the best finish possible.

Although power washing may seem like a silly home owner task, there are many benefits that will help you and your family in the long run. Don't put it off and risk spending thousands of dollars in repair later on. Call us today or fill out the form to get a free estimate from the specialists at My Pro Property Services today.

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