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Why you should consider planned property maintenance!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Considering planned property maintenance? Read below for just a few of the reasons maintenance agreements are beneficial to you in the long run.

Planned Property Maintenance

Property maintenance can be a time consuming and expensive headache for many building owners, association managers and the homeowners themselves. My Pro Property Services takes the headache out of your regular maintenance services.

Lots of times property managers have difficulties finding a trust-worthy company to handle their large portfolio of properties and budgets every year. Not to mention doing so in a timely manner. That’s where we come into play. With My Pro, we will do a property analysis and write you a 3-5 year or even longer planned property maintenance agreement to take the guessing out of the maintenance.

When you schedule planned property maintenance there are many benefits to property managers and association members. Check out the list below for reasons you should consider planned property maintenance:

  • Save some money when you lock into a planned maintenance agreement by avoiding yearly price increases

  • Prevent larger, more costly failures by staying on top of regular scheduled maintenance

  • Minimize downtime and disruption to normal operations, therefore enhancing homeowner satisfaction

  • Ensure occupants with health and safety compliance

  • Save time by scheduling years in advance with one exceptional company

  • Add value to preserve and enhance property assets

My Pro Property Services has been in the Commercial Property Services business since 1998 and has a team of licensed specialists for your job. We have worked with over 80 associations and deliver professional and quality jobs that will save you time and money. Call us today to schedule your planned property maintenance!

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