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On Trend Home Colors

Everyone has their own taste in home exterior colors. But we have put together a list of the most on-trend home exterior colors from the last year and what the color choice says about your home!

A home is one of, if not the biggest investment a person will make in their lifetime. Choosing a paint color for your homes exterior is a big deal and can be a difficult task! Below is a list of the most popular, on-trend paint colors for home exteriors and what they say about your home!

#1 White

Everyone loves a nice elegant white house. You really can't go wrong if you chose to paint your home white. This will make your house look classic, clean and elegant.

#2 Light Grey

Light grey has been one of the most popular colors in the home painting realm for quite some time now and gives off huge modern vibes on your home.

#3 Ivory

Painting your house ivory is a safe choice if you are a little hesitant of the harsh, crisp white. Ivory is a more sleek and classy choice for your homes exterior.

#4 Grey-Blue

A grey-blue home exterior is a growing trend in 2021 and can be a super modern look. It is less tradition and will give your home a more inviting and whimsical appeal.

#5 Pale Yellow

Yellow is the happiest color of all and looks perfect on most home exteriors! If you want a warm, inviting, happy look for your home, pale yellow is the route for you.

#6 Burgundy

Want to be the home with the most personality on the block? Burgundy is growing in popularity and gives homes a nice pop of color that isn't too harsh or bright.

If you need a refresh on your homes exterior or thinking of painting your house a more on-trend color, My Pro Property Services can help! Fill out the form on our website for a free estimate!

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