Fence Restoration

A wood fence can add beauty to your property or it can be an eyesore. When you think of the time and money you invest in bordering your property with a wood fence, it only makes sense to protect your investment to insure the beauty for years to come.

Without protection, mold and mildew builds up in some areas of the fence trapping in moisture rotting the wood. In other areas, the strong UV rays from the sun begin to break down the fibers on the surface of the wood, which begin to dry out and turn gray

By promptly treating a fence or shed with our penetrating stain, the wood fibers will absorb the oils they need to survive changing weather conditions. These non-drying oil-based stains are unlike the usual thinner-based wood stains that evaporate and leave little protection behind. The oil does not dry, keeping the wood protected from the elements. The properly treated fence will will have a much longer lifespan, than the untreated fence.




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