Cedar Roofs & Siding

No doubt, cedar shingles on a rooftop or used as siding on your home, can be stunning and beautiful to look at. However, when left untreated, the elements wreak havoc on the cedar shingles. Constant exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays will break down the fibers in the wood. Exposure to wet weather, such as rain or snow, keep the wood constantly wet, a perfect environment for mold, mildew and fungi. Untreated cedar shingles will rot because of oils lost when the wood was first cut down and milled. The wood will deteriorate, as it dries.

Our wood restoration specialist will treat the cedar shingles with a product that preserves the beauty of the natural-looking wood shingles. For new roofs & siding, we simply apply the preservation product to the shingles. For older roofs or siding that have weathered for several years, we will first restore the wood, then apply the preservative.




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